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25 ways to boost your driving school marketing Part 4

16. Be relational. Driving lessons are about the relationship you have with your pupils. Subconsciously people want to know “can I relate to this instructor and will they relate to me”.
17. Help them to imagine. You want your prospective pupil to imagine what driving lessons are like. You want to dispel their negative expectations (“I will mess up”, “the instructor will shout at me”) and replace them with positive expectations (“I will support you and help you”, “I will be relaxed and friendly”). Sell them the idea that learning to drive is not a chore to be endured but will in itself be an enjoyable experience.
18. Network. You already have an amazing network of friends and contacts. Seek to expand your local network. Make friends with your neighbours, be friendly at the local shops, connect with people on your local Facebook group. Think about your persona. Do people see you as a positive person or negative. Do people perceive you as judgemental or as a whinger? If so it’s unlikely that these are going to be good sources for more pupils.
19. Keep your contact form simple. If you have a contact form on your website make it as easy as possible for people to fill in. The more fields people have to fill in the fewer people will complete the form. You will find that even for online businesses, they usually don’t give you a massive sign up form at the start. Ideally you just want: their name, their email address, their phone number, their query.
20. Reply to messages in a timely manner. Most people will understand that you are on lessons for much of the day but make sure that you reply the same day if possible. Don’t just give people the minimum information they have asked for. Don’t waffle but don’t be minimalistic. If leaving a message finish your reply with a request that they contact you back.