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Card Readers for Driving Instructors

As we enter the 2020’s fewer and fewer people are paying with cash and more and more expect to be able to make instant payments for goods and services, either through their smartphone or using a credit or debit card.…

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Reflective Logs

A5 Reflective log pupil booklet Reflective logs are potentially an important tool for ADI’s and are beneficial for client centred learning to help the pupil reflect on their progress.       Available in 3 different formats: All in One Booklet…

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Driving School Lesson Plan Diagrams

Driving Instructor Diagrams Our updated driving school lesson plan diagrams are here!     The driving lesson diagrams are designed as a representation and so do not cover every aspect of the topic. To facilitate a client centred approach they…

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Dual Control Suppliers

Driving School Dual Control Suppliers There are two main types of dual controls for driving school cars. Cable operated and rod operated. An advantage of rod operated dual controls is that you can have them set up either to work…

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Driving School Supplies

Driving School Resources and Supplies The following is a list of suppliers of driving school supplies and products such as books and stationery to driving schools. Driving lesson plan diagrams. For driving school roof sign suppliers go here.

Driving Instructor Headboards

Top Boxes Headboards for Driving Schools Many instructors ask – is it worth having a driving school roof sign, headboard or top box? There are a number of pros and cons , but really, for most instructors the pros far…

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Driving Instructor Insurance

Shop around for the Best Driving Instructor Insurance It’s nearly always wise to shop around for the best insurance details as you will often find that your existing provider does not give current customers their best prices. It’s worth remembering…

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