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25 ways to boost your driving school marketing Part 5

21. Get yourself in the local paper. You might think that getting in the paper is hard but actually newspaper editors are often tearing their hair out for things to fill their newspaper with. Either you can capitalise on something you are already doing eg the big learner relay or do some other charitable enterprise, or capitalise on something driving related that will affect local people. An example is that I created a simple video about the changes to the driving test in 2017. Through a Facebook connection the local paper picked up on it and asked if they could put it on their site. As a result I got thousands of views of my video by local people who saw my brand. The newspaper followed up by asking if I have any more videos they could use.

22. Write a “5 top tips” article for your local paper or free magazine. “5 top tips for passing your driving test” would be an ideal topic. Make sure that it is well written. Use short punchy sentences. Show it to someone else to critique before you send it off. Take on board their views – they have an objectivity that you won’t have!

23. Premium pricing. While as driving instructors we are conditioned to thinking that everyone wants the cheapest prices, there are some people who want the best and are willing to pay for it. This doesn’t translate easily in the driving instruction world where basically you have just one product (driving lessons). You could think however about how you might do a package of lessons that doesn’t give a discount but instead gives extra benefits eg free theory test materials, free L plates, free P plates, free learning materials.

24. Co-operate with the competition. Rather than always trying to undercut the opposition work with them.

25. Be seen as authoritative. People trust the leaders in a particular field. Be authoritative. Post authoritative posts on your Facebook page. Become a leader in your local ADI association. Post authoritatively on local Facebook groups (without coming across as superior) .