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25 ways to boost your driving school marketing Part 3

11.Use Google ads. These can cost a lot so you need to invest time in making sure your ads are well targeted. I see a lot of driving school ads that display for me when they are not in my area. This a potential waste of money. The beauty of Google ads is that you only pay when people click so you are not paying to show the ads to people who are not interested in what you offer. However you will inevitably get some clicks from people outside your area if your targeting is not up to scratch.

12. Have a dedicated landing page on your website for ads. You want your ads to convert. So don’t send visitors to your home page. Your homepage is for a different purpose. Your landing page should be more minimal with a prominent call to action and phone number and contact form.

13.Use deadlines. If you have a special offer make it time based. When the deadline has passed remove the offer. However be aware that fake deadlines fool no one and just make you look untrustworthy. Avoid the clichéd countdown clock till expiry of offer. It’s so 1990’s!

14. Invest your time in marketing. Don’t be so busy running the nuts and bolts of your business today that you run short of customers in 6 months because you neglected marketing. Block out a certain amount of time in your diary per week for marketing activities. Use this time for some of the things in this guide.

15. Sell benefits rather than features. What are the benefits that you can sell that make you stand out from your competitors?