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Ranking your driving school for more than one area

The first step would be to have a dedicated page for each area/town that you want to rank for. Ideally for a driving school this could include details about the instructor, a picture of the instructor etc as well as some generic text about learning to drive in that town or area – ideally 300 words+

Then you would want to make sure that there is good linking to that page within your site and you would want to acquire some more external links to that specific page using good anchor text.

I would suggest that you also go to your Google My Business page and include the new area/town in your description there as well as on your facebook page.

With your Google GMB listing you should make sure:

  1. That your full street address is included
  2. That you choose the option to hide the address (a Google requirement if you don’t have a street address for people to visit)
  3. That you select the option to say that you cover a specific geographic area and include the areas your instructors work in