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ADI Part 3 Lesson Plans – PDI

Lesson planning is an important part of the process as you train to become an ADI and our ADI lesson plans will help you to offer high quality driving lessons to your customers. All our physical products are produced using thick laminated paper that is both long lasting and which you can write on with a whiteboard pen.

Our driving lesson plans are not designed specifically to help you in your training to become an ADI. Rather they are an ideal tool for the trainee driving instructor (PDI) to help them to offer client centred driving lessons to their pupils.

“Absolutely brilliant! As a relatively new ADI this has really helped me deliver an excellent standard of teaching and within a week have seen the best progress from my students so far! Quality is second to none and it looks very professional!
Highly recommend, it’s worth every penny!”
Tom – verified owner

Our driving lesson plans are designed so that when the folder is open, the content on the left hand side of the page is for the driving instructor and the content on the right hand side of the page is primarily diagrams to help the pupil/customer. For most topics the left side of the page includes suggested lesson objectives, key learning points and suggested Q&A to help your client to explore what they already know and understand and can work out what they may need to do in different situations associated with the lesson topic.

One thing that we found with many of the other products on the market is that they are cluttered full of information that is visually confusing for the driving school pupil. With this in mind we have made our diagrams simple, bright attractive and above all easy to understand.

There is a simple to use index at the front of the driving lesson diagram booklet, so that if for instance a question on roundabouts arises that you want to use a diagram to explain, then you can easily find the relevant page.

ADI driving lesson plan formats

We have several different formats so that you as a potential ADI or can choose which is best for you:

Zip Binder – with flexible whiteboard and pen
Wire Bound
Android app for tablets (sorry  iphone/ipad version not available)
Downloadable lesson diagram pdf

instructor diagrams