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He Man Dual Controls

There are a number of driving school dual control suppliers and the best know of these are He Man.

He-Man started manufacturing dual controls in the UK in the 1930’s and moved to Southampton in the 1960’s and have continued manufacturing there ever since. They have become the default supplier of dual controls for many driving instructors and suppliers. He man dual controls are designed and manufactured to a high standard in the UK following ISO standards for for quality, health and safety and environmental considerations. Although focused on the UK market, He Man dual controls are growing in pouplarity in North America and other parts of Europe. Up until recent years vehicle-specific rod operated dual controls were the preference and as such He Man built a great reputation. However, with modern cars offering less spare space both under the bonnet and in the cockpit footwell area, cable operated controls are often the only alternative and this is where alternative suppliers are offering the greatest competition.

Are He man dual controls the best dual controls?
Are He man dual controls the cheapest?

He Man dual controls are certainly designed, manufactured and tested to high standards. But then so are dual controls from the other main suppliers. One thing that is clear however is that He Man dual controls are not the cheapest. Other suppliers such as Universal offer dual controls at cheaper prices.

Alternatives to He Man dual controls

dual controls

Peheja Dual Controls

Since the 1980’s Peheja have offered re-usable dual controls for driving schools. The Peheja system consists of a universal base unit together with vehicle specific steel supplements onto which the pedal pulleys of the driver’s side and the dual control system on the passenger side are mounted. This innovative concept and high quality dual controls  has seen Peheja grow to become the world market leader in developing, manufacturing and applying universal cable dual controls and has a worlwide dealer network. https://peheja.com/

FAT Dual Controls

FAT are a Dutch company who manufacture dual controls which they market through a worldwide dealer network including suppliers in the UK and Ireland. A clutch and brake dual controls kit comes in at around £230 + fitting. Like Peheja, FAT dual controls are not vehicle specific – they can be adapted for almost any make and model of vehicle. https://fat-dc.com/

Viegel Dual Controls

The original Veigel dual control is available most types of vehicle: passenger cars, buses and trucks. The system allows for easy installation and removal of the dual controls in just a few steps and there is no need for any vehicle modifications. The dual controls can be removed without leaving any significant trace. Viegel dual controls are manufactured to meet the highest standards, and are rigorously tested and welders are always certified to the highest international standards. Viegel dual controls are long lasting and trouble free and are manufactured in the UK and Germany. https://www.veigel-automotive.co.uk/

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