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Newsletter – Aug 2021

– DVSA Updates
– Discounts for existing customers
– Driving instructor insurance
DVSA have made several major announcements in their email updates this week including:
New priorities for standards checks
Test changes to address lorry driver shortage
Addressing driving test waiting times

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Proposed HGV Changes
The DVSA email makes several proposals to make it easier to get an HGV licence. These proposals are claimed to be in order to “build back better”. However many trainers will feel that some of the proposals will result in lower standards and so will in fact be “building back worse”! You can view the email here and reply to the consultation.Test Waiting Times
In a recent survey 8 out of 10 instructors have a waiting list at present. The new driving test examiner framework is planned to increase the number of tests available each month by up to 20,000. In addition the following proposals are in place:
– increase the time before a pupil may retake the test
– increase the number of days before a test that a pupil has to cancel
– change the eyesight test
– introduce digital pass certificates
You can see the full email here.

Standards Check Changes
The DVSA are intending to prioritise instructors with low pass rates and low current standards check grades for invitation to standards checks. the result will be that instructors with high grades and high pass rates will be seen less often.
DVSA will also offer a 20-30 minute phone consultation 8 weeks before the standards check.
You can view full details here

Insurance due soon?
It really is worth shopping around for the best quote. One instructor on Facebook this week said he had saved £180 by shopping around. Unfortunately there is no simple comparison site like moneysupermarket for driving instructor car insurance. However we have a comprehensive list of driving instructor insurance providers here.

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