Dual Control Suppliers

Driving School Dual Control Suppliers

There are two main types of dual controls for driving school cars. Cable operated and rod operated. An advantage of rod operated dual controls is that you can have them set up either to work independently of the main pedals or in tandem with them. Some instructors like rod operated dual controls where the instructors pedal moves at the same time as the pupils, particularly if they cannot see the pupils pedals because of the layout of the interior of the car. The danger is that if you are not careful you can get your foot trapped under the pedal when the pupil operates the pedals! Cable operated driving school dual controls are becoming more and more prevalent as the suppliers are simply unable to find enough space within the layout of the car to fit the rods.

The main suppliers of dual control pedals in the UK are Universal and He-Man. Only He-Man supply rod controls although not all cars are suitable for rod-operated dual controls. He-man cable controls tend to be more expensive than the Universal version.

The main supplier of dual controls in the UK is He-Man.
HeMan are based in Southampton but have recommended dual control fitters throughout the country.

List of He Man Dual Control Fitters

Swift 020 8650 8711 (London and SE)
Car Controls Ltd 07968 073955 (Scotland)
City Motor Services 029 2036 4800 (South Wales)
Dave Bates Controls 07771 523009 (Bristol)
Dual Control Services (Bedfordshire) 07721 517513
Dual Control Services (North East) 07759 833932
He-Fit 01204 700625
Howes Controls 07718 731934 (Lancashire)
L D S Ltd 07989 182057 (Midlands)
Mobility Conversions 0161 745 9737 (Manchester)
T V M Ltd 07899 834559 (Surrey)
Stephen Cooper 07974 377801 (SW Wales)
DC Adaptions 07795 320771 (Lincs/ East Yorkshire)
Chadwick Auto Services 07917 061438 (North Wales)
George Cowan (Scotland) 07900 216496


Which are better rod-operated or cable operated dual controls?
Both have their place – some instructors prefer cables while some instructors prefer rods

Why can’t I get a dual pedal for the accelerator?
In the UK a dual pedal for the accelerator is illegal

Which are the cheapest dual controls?
In our experience Universal dual controls are cheaper than He-Man

How much do dual controls cost?
The cost of dual controls varies depending on the model

Is it safe to use second hand dual controls?
Dual control suppliers will probably tell you no. However many instructors use second hand dual controls with no problem.