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25 ways to boost your driving school marketing Part 1

  1. Work on your referrals. Most driving instructors say their main source of new customers is referrals. But are you intentional? Do you have a strategy? In truth most instructors are a bit lazy about referrals – they just wait for them to happen. There is a massive untapped potential for referrals with just a bit of work. You will naturally get some referrals without effort on your part, but could you get more referrals by being strategic? Some driving instructors offer reduced price lessons for people who successfully refer their friends. Is this something you should try? Mention it on the first lesson, mention it in your literature.
  2. Be creative about referral rewards – don’t just go for reduced price lessons – if mum and dad pay for lessons, a free lesson may not be an adequate reward. An amazon or itunes voucher may be a better incentive! Alternatively you could offer a free motorway lesson if this works for you in your area.
  3. Be prepared to overcome objections. Some people will contact you ready to book, others will have reservations that they need allayed. Often it’s cost. Know in advance what you are going to say if someone says the lessons sound expensive. Or it might be the number of lessons needed. Again have a clear plan of what you are going to say to overcome these reservations.
  4. Ask for the sale – be bold. If you sense the enquiry is just tentative and maybe they are going to phone round to other driving schools tell the customer what when you have a slot available and ask if they want you to book them in now.
  5. Offer to call back. If they are not ready to commit there and then offer to call them back/message them back at an agreed time eg “Could I call you back tomorrow evening”. If you are not a natural salesman, you might think this is a bit pushy but you will be surprised how you can turn an enquiry into a booking by being more proactive.