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500+ questions to help you with your Q&A on driving lessons.

The questions are ordered by topic for easy reference. Some require simple answers and are good to test your client’s knowledge. Other questions need more in depth thought and are good as discussion starters.

Our driving lesson planners contain a few suggested questions associated with each topic. These have proved very popular but led to requests for more questions as well as some answers! Experienced instructors will have built up a body of knowledge during their training and teaching experience which new entrants to the profession and in particular PDI’s have not had the opportunity to do so. So this book contains suggested answers to most of the questions. We don’t give every possible answer and often the valuable thing is not the accuracy of the answer but the thought process that the learner driver goes through to find the answer.

In addition to the main body of questions which have suggested answers there is a section of questions that are particularly aimed at allowing the learner driver to explore and express a view or opinion eg “Do you think the speed limit should be lower than 30mph in residential areas”

Here are some sample questions and answers:

• What are the dangers associated with overtaking?
Oncoming traffic, other hazards
• Why should you not overtake on a bend?
Difficult to see far enough ahead
• Why is it unsafe to overtake when there is a side road ahead?
People emerging from the side road without looking
• List some hazards ahead that may mean it is unsafe to overtake
School, pedestrian crossing, side road, parked cars

Examples from the “Deeper Thinking” section:

• Do you think motorways are safer or less safe than other roads?
• What would be the benefits or disadvantages of banning cars from city centres?
• Do you think it is safe to smoke while you are driving?
• What do you think are the biggest distractions when driving?
• Should electric scooters be allowed on the road?

This is the pdf download version – if you print it, it is best to set your printer to print at A5 size. If you want the wire bound hard copy please click here.

Also check out our pdf pupil handout templates for MSPSL, POM, reflective logs etc

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