Driving School Websites

£50 Driving School Websites

  • 7 page driving school website on Weebly sub-domain
  • Includes SSL certificate
  • Includes Contact Form
  • Includes hosting
  • SEO friendly (title and description tags) and keyword relevant content
  • Generic video on home page and theory test page
  • Google indexed

What are the hidden charges? None.

Can I have optional extras? Yes – read on

How it works:

We will set up your website using the Weebly platform using our pre-programmed design.
This will give you a fully functioning website at a subdomain of weebly – in our example its www.chiswickdrivingschool.weebly.com
Subject to availability “chiswickdrivingschool” will be changed to your driving school name.
The home page will include information that you provide (we will send a form to help you get the right information to us)
All other pages will be our stock inner pages using content we provide.
The 7 pages will be Home, Contact, Theory, Practical, Show Me Tell Me, Privacy, Resources
Your own login details to edit the site using the weebly interface


Optional Extras:

Prices page – one off £10
Other extra pages with content provided by you – one off £10
Testimonials page (up to 5 testimonials + pictures) – one off £20
Dedicated domain eg chiswickdrivertraining.co.uk (subject to availability) – £15pa
Future changes or additions to your site done by us – £7.50 per 15 minutes or part thereof
Extra SEO – charged in bundles of £50
Subsequent support and advice £7.50 per 15 minutes or part thereof

Remember – these are OPTIONS not requirements!
With the login details we will provide you, you can do all the above and more yourself if you wish.

So to sum up:
The basic driving school website package costs you £50 and will be fully functioning with no hidden costs.
Because some people may want an enhanced service – there are optional extras as above.

There are no other hidden charges!

Go to: www.chiswickdrivingschool.weebly.com for a fully functioning example of a 100% free site.

Note: Your site will include a “weebly” brand logo at the foot of the page. Weebly charge $15 per month extra if you want this removed.
There will be a number of links to driving school relevant sites on the resources page in addition to links to gov uk booking services.


To order or enquire please complete the form:

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What are the essentials you need from a driving school website?

Simply it boils down to two things –

1. It needs to be found by potential pupils!

2. It needs to convert – potential customers need to end up as actual customers!

Everything else needs to feed into those two essentials. So let’s break this down:

1. Getting your driving school website found

If people don’t find your website then everything else is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter what features it has, how nice or ugly it is, if people don’t see it, it’s not going to achieve anything!


So how will people find your site?

The number one answer is to rank well in Google search. There are a number of ways that you can get your site to rank well in Google. This all to do with the art of SEO. One of the problems with diy site builders like Wix is that they don’t come with any SEO expertise so unless you are wanting to rank for easy search terms (eg if you serve a small town with little local competition) it’s unlikely you will rank well. In any event, everyone is after those top few spaces in Google search, so we shouldn’t put all our eggs into the Google basket.

The first three spaces for local search are taken up by Google business listings which are also used for Google maps. You need to sign up Google Business and link your website to it. There are also some SEO steps you can take such as getting citations to improve your ranking in this section

Remember search is not all about Google. Bing makes up about 10% of UK searches and is particularly used by people with iphones.

By and large Facebook offers a different benefit to your website. By and large Facebook is good for brand awareness and your website is better for the hard sell. Of course there is some crossover, but you will get better conversion by linking your website to your Facebook page and your Facebook page to your website

This also can be broken down into two parts:

Current and recent customers will recommend you to their friends. Their friends will look for your website. Even if your website doesn’t rank in Google or Bing you will expect to get some visitors to your site this way.

People seeing the livery on your driving school car / headboard or any other advertising that you do may search for your driving school by name and find your website. Again good search ranking is not required for this.

2. Converting potential customers to actual customers


When people see an unattractive, out of date or poorly designed site or one that is full of marketing spiel, studies show that people are quick to click away.

An attractive driving school site will have good relevant pictures. Try to avoid stock photos – they don’t have the same air of authenticity as pictures of real people! Have a picture of you – and/or your car. People need to be able to imagine what lessons are going to be like with you.


Make it easy for people to find your contact details at the top of the page so they don’t have to scroll down or visit other pages to get your contact info.


People love testimonials – it gives your driving school credibility and people can see pictures of people just like them who have passed their test with you. Testimonials that include pictures are best. Video testimonials can also be good but remember people often have the sound turned off on their device and so may not actually listen to what is being said!


It’s impossible to prove whether putting your prices on your website is a good or bad idea. My feeling is that it’s best to include them – otherwise you will have people look for them and click away to one of your competitors if they can’t find them.

… to sum up …

All the above are guidelines to help you think about what you need from a website. At Wanasite, I have been providing websites for driving schools for nearly 15 years and in that time the vast majority of my customers renew every year until they retire or leave the industry. Many of my driving school customers have websites that rank in the first few positions in Google for their local area and all my sites use modern attractive designs that are fully responsive. To find out more about getting your driving school website go to Wanasite.

Nick Reynolds