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Driving School Videos

Videos for Driving Schools

We can produce a short animated promotional video for your driving school.

Below we have 4 different videos that can be customised with your driving school details.

Contact us at adininja@vizzo.co.uk for more information about getting a video for your driving school. Prices range from £20 for using one of our stock videos adapted to use your driving school name and details to £50 for a unique animated video for your driving school. The video will be uploaded to the ADI Ninja You Tube channel (with a link to your website in the video description) where you will be able to get a link to embed it into your website and will also be emailed to you so that you can add it to your own You Tube channel if you wish.

Driving Test Information Video

Driving School Promotional Videos

Show Me Tell Me Video

Theory Test Information Video

SPECIAL OFFER – All 4 of the above videos, customised with your logo at the beginning and end for £30. Contact adininja@vizzo.co.uk to order