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Driving School SEO

Ranking highly in Google for your local area is very important. Your most important keywords are going to be a combination of the words “driving school” or “driving lessons” and the name of your town or area.

With over 15 years experience of ranking driving schools in search we know what works as well as what used to work but is now out of date.

We offer driving school SEO services starting at £50 per month. To get the best benefit we recommend a 3 month block but you are the customer so we can be totally flexible. However we won’t pull the wool over your eyes or make false promises.

Case Study:

Drive Confident Driving School in Portsmouth, a two person driving school was languishing on page 3 for most search terms.
In 2018 we were approached to do 3 months of driving school SEO and have done some one off single months since then.
As result of our work the site position improved steadily. Generally speaking, with driving school SEO you cannot simply set it and forget it. A one off SEO boost will have a good effect, but that effect may tail off over time. Usually you will expect to see improved results within a few weeks, but it may be that year later it will be time to review.

As at May 2019 the site is in the top 3 positions for a number of search terms and plenty of work is rolling in for the two instructors. As they offer both manual and automatic driving lessons, it was important to target potential pupils who were looking for an automatic cars.



For more information about how we can help your driving school’s search rankings please email nick @ adininja.com