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Digital Downloads

If you have purchased a pdf digital download of our driving instructor lesson plans , then the link for the download is in your order confirmation.

Each purchase entitles you to download the file 5 times. You should only need to download it once per device. Once you have downloaded it then normally it should be saved on your device, so that you can access it direct on your device.

Different devices will by default save the file to different locations. For instance on an android device you can usually find it  if you go to the files app and click “downloads”. However it may be that your device is set up differently, either by the manufacturer or due to changes made in your settings or by an app you use. Rest assured that if you have viewed the files then they are on your device somewhere unless you have deleted them.

Some information on where your device saves files by default can be found here:

Iphones and Ipads


Android phones

Remember though that with all devices your pdf’s may not be saved to the default location. So make sure you have a thorough search of your device. Unless you have deleted them they are there somewhere!

If you cannot find them in your default location then try googling [your device name] and [location of downloads].

If all else fails then get in touch via our contact form. We will let you have another link to download the files which will expire after 7 days. Please be aware their may be a delay while we set this up for you.

Finally, to explain, we have to limit the number of downloads per customer (which doesn’t affect your ability to use the files) in order to stop people from sharing their link around with other people  – hence the limit of 5 per customer.