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Own Branding Lesson Plans

To enhance the branding and marketing of your own driving school we are able to offer our full range of driving instructor lesson plans and diagrams with your own logo.

Our normal range of products has our own branding but we have tried to keep it fairly low key – so no massive logos or intrusive copyright notices.
However we are aware that some multi instructor driving schools would like to use products with their own branding. With that in mind we can adapt our driving lesson diagrams to suit using your own logo.

Due to costs involved, to make it make sense financially we have to have a minimum order of 5 of the same product.


The cost may vary depending on what exactly you want done.

Our standard your own branding price uses a logo which you provide. We place that logo on the cover and on every page as demonstrated in the pictures below. In addition we will change the colour of the heading for each page to fit in with your colour scheme. To safeguard our own interests each page will have a discreet ADI Ninja copyright notice. After you have placed your order we will send you a screen shot of what a sample page will look like. When you are happy we will send you an invoice for payment. Upon payment we will then place the order with the printers and you can expect to receive your products within about a fortnight.

To give you an idea of costs based on 2023 prices. 5 copies (minimum) of the wire bound diagrams would cost £69 each while 10 or more copies would be £57 each. Delivery cost is £10 for 5-10 copies and £15 for 20 copies. Note that this is only a guide and final price will depend on your specific requirements. Unlaminated versions are available at slightly lower cost. These prices are for 5 of exactly the same version (eg 5 manual wire bound or 5 automatic wire bound – you can’t have two manual versions and three of automatic versions for instance).


New Driver
New Driver Driving School based in the south west of England asked us to provide them with our lesson plans with their own branding. They provided us with their logo and we changed the colour of the headings to match. They asked for the unlaminated version. Having recruited more instructors they recently placed an additional order.

lesson planner

An instructor at 2nd2None Driving School saw our diagrams and recommended them to driving school principal James who subsequently placed an order for 20 copies for his instructors.

driving lesson digrams

Please contact us at nick@adininja.com for more information.