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high quality colour diagrams
road signs and markings,
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All these diagrams included

1. Cockpit checks
2. Clutch
3. Moving off
4. Pull up on the left (stopping)
5. Angled start
6. Emerging left
7. Emerging right
8. Turning left
9. Turning right
10. Other junctions
11. Crossroads
12. Other crossroads
13. Traffic lights (offside to offside)
14. Traffic lights (nearside to nearside)
15. Roundabouts turning left
16. Roundabouts turning ahead
17. Roundabouts right
18. Roundabouts other
19. Spiral Roundabouts
20. Spiral Roundabouts with traffic lights
21. Mini roundabouts
22. Mini roundabouts other
23. One way streets
24. Meeting traffic
25. Positioning
26. Overtaking
27. Pedestrian crossings
28. Zebra crossings
29. Light controlled crossings
30. Dual carriageways
31. Motorways
32. Turn in the road
33. Reversing left
34. Pull up on right & reverse
35. Forward bay park
36. Reverse bay park
37. Parallel park
38. Emergency Stop

Road signs and markings

Show me tell me questions

Top 10 reasons pupils fail

Links to resources

road signs app

Note: Only suitable for android devices – tablets and smart phones. Best used on tablet. Defaults to portrait view.

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