Download – diagrams with some explanation and question prompts like this:

dd1 – Diagrams 1-22

dd2 – Diagrams 23-48

PDF version

Download – diagrams with no explanations or question prompts like this:

dd-a5 – Diagrams 1-22

dd2-a5 – Diagrams 23-48

Pdf version

Computer or laptop – After you have downloaded the zip files you can unzip the files to a folder on your computer
Android device – open Files app -> Tap “Downloads” -> Tap the zip file  -> Tap 3 dots -> select all  -> Tap 3 dots -> Extract to -> Tap 3 lines -> tap the name of your phone (may vary with device) – Tap Pictures  ->Tap 3 dots -> New folder -> create new folder with your choice of name eg Diagrams -> Tap the new folder – Tap EXTRACT -> Go to Photos app -> You can view the diagrams folder from there.

Note – although it might look lengthy, it’s dead simple and pretty intuitive! However the exact procedure may depend on your specifict device or version of android so be prepared to improvise!